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If you happened to list the well-known Hungarian specialities, the Palinka will surely be one of the first things that will come to your mind. When grape-gathering or slaughtering took place in the country and when the driving for hares was successful – or not – the ceremony of having an eye-opener snip of Palinka had to be served. There was someone in every village whose Palinka was treasured by the others. There were honored professionals in every village who could make unforgettable delicates from the fruits of their region.


This spirit belongs to us – Hungarians. It is our national attribute, the same as Tokaji Aszú, red paprika or téliszalámi. We should treat ourselves, our environment and this treasure with respect by always refraining from drinking too much of it. The recommended daily intake of that particular 4 centilitres for adults may be served as an aperitif or may help you put up with winter colds and summer heats…


From May 1., 2004. Hungary will be officially a member of the European Union. The critical administrators of the European Union assigned the right to use the denomination of Palinka as a Hungaricum. We will be honored if you clink your glasses that Hungary as a new and successful member of the European Union will be a real home for all Hungarians.


Pálinka should never be chilled because its real bouquet will only show itself when served lukewarm. Equally important is the shape of the glass. Despite the mouth-watering fragrances, we should keep this little glass, which is round at the bottom and getting narrower upwards, in our hands for a few seconds so that this noble drink contained in the glass picks up our temperature. The so-called dry testing is also worth performing: after drinking your Pálinka, put the drinking glass aside for 10 to 15 minutes, which will also put your self-control to the test, then sniff at the glass again: if you have drunk real Pálinka, then what you can smell in the glass is the delicate fragrance of fruits. As is known from wine tasting, the term “chewing” is also very important because it is the corner of the mouth, under the tongue, and around the taste buds where the bouquet and flavour of this drink is really felt.



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